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It's important for us to have a clear clinical picture of any dental problem, so that treatment planning is as effective as possible. We can get the desired result through a panoramic photo of teeth.

Orthopantomogram - a method of dental diagnostics, which allows to get an expanded scan of such a complex anatomical region as a tooth-jaw system.

The panoramic shot of the jaw contains information on the upper and lower jaw, the location and position of the teeth, joints and paranasal sinuses. Implants, fillings, X-ray contrast material in canals of teeth and any dental structures are also visualized in the image.

What is the privilege of orthopantomogram?

- Getting a complete volumetric picture of all the elements of the teeth at once for 1 manipulation;

- Accurate diagnostics not only of the jaw-bone tissues, but also of the periodontium directly;

-The duration of the procedure lasts no more than 10s;

-The procedure is absolutely painless and it has no unpleasant consequences;

-The final picture can be seen immediately after the manipulation.

The shot should be made in the following cases:

-before placing dental implants;

-before the tooth extraction;

- when fighting periodontal and periodontitis disease;

-when soft tissues are inflamed;

-to evaluate the growth of teeth;

-before scheduled surgical intervention.

- to assess the condition of the tooth-jaw system and detection of any deviations.

Good technological support will help you to find out the cause of the disease and to provide quality treatment at all of its stages.