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Computed tomography

Mikros Dental Center offers its patients a high level service.

The quality of performing complex and important  manipulations directly depends on the correct diagnosis of the disease.

Computed tomography - a three-dimensional image that allows to inspect the object of the survey in three planes.

It is an integral study in modern dentistry!

What is the privilege of computed tomography?

-The duration of the procedure takes no more than 20-25s;

-The procedure is absolutely painless and it has no unpleasant sensations;

-The final picture can be seen immediately after the manipulation.

- It allows to evaluate the anatomical features of the teeth structure , dental roots, channels;

- Condition and structure of jaw bone tissue;

- The location of the teeth;

- Any tumors, damage and other changes in the structure of the jaw.

The 3D image and the informality of this diagnostic method, allows the dentist to determine the future treatment plan and its strategy.

We use this method of diagnostics in the following cases:

- injuries of different character;

- detection of hidden caries;

- quality control of the implant installation;

- assessment of the degree of bone resorption (destruction);

- sinus disease (sinusitis, cysts, polyps)

- before surgical interventions (implantation, atypical removal of the tooth);

- when planning dental operations;

- diagnostics of neoplasms in bone tissues;

As follows, computed tomography is a more objective kind of research that optimizes and improves the result of our work!