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We do our best to make the result of our work better every day. That is why we use the latest methods and advanced software of the last generation, which allows us to conduct qualitative diagnostics for the further successful treatment. One of the methods of diagnostics at the Micros Dental Center is cephalometry.

This species is an important component of an orthodontic patient survey, and is a compulsory study before planning orthodontic treatment.

Cefalometry is an analysis and interpretation of the usual X-ray picture of the facial skeleton. It allows  to take pictures of the frontal, lateral projection of the skull and hands bones. Cephalostat is an X-ray machine, having a fixed distanced head holder and ear fixators which are inserted into the external auditory сanals. So, the central beam of the device is directed straightly to the ear holder, which also serves to stabilize the patient's head.

 It allows  to define:

- optimal position and inclination of teeth;

- inclination of occlusal plane;

- to determine the structure of the facial skeleton and its growth;

- changes occurring in the course of treatment;

- angles of deviation and asymmetry of jaw-facial area;

- the position of the lower jaw comparatively to the upper jaw;

What is the privilege of cephalometry?

- Getting a complete volumetric picture of the facial skeleton projection for 1 manipulation at once;

-The duration of the procedure takes a few seconds;

(front projection 8 sec, lateral projection – 10 sec).

-The procedure is absolutely painless and has no unpleasant sensations;

-The final picture can be seen immediately after the manipulation.

Our main goal is to do the work qualitatively, accurately and quickly!