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Hygiene and prophylaxis

For the perfect result of professional hygiene, our specialists work by two methods: Ultrasonic teeth cleaning + polishing; Special AIR-FLOW teeth polishing machine higeine.

Pediatric dentistry

The Dental Center "Micros" provides a full range of medical services for kids. Our specialists know how to turn a scheduled appointment to a dentist into a holiday for the baby.


"Micros" offers orthodontic treatment for adults and children through: brace systems (metal, ceramic, lingual braces); orthodontic plates; teeth straightening aligners.
We also produce: muscle relaxers and sports teeth caps.

Dental therapy

In our clinic we perform a wide range of therapeutic manipulations, namely: root canal treatment; endodontic retreatment; seal installation; restoration.

Prosthetic Dentistry

Orthopedics for everyone! After all, our range of orthopedic services is impressive: ceramic veneers; lumineers; metal ceramic crowns; zirconia dental crowns; metal implants; ceramic implants; direct composite veneers; micro prosthesis; removable dentures; nylon dentures; bugel prosthesis.

Dental surgery

The following operations are performed at "Micros": periodontal surgery (curettage, vestibuloplasty); Frenuloplasty (Plastic of the lip and tongue bridle); Sinus lifting; Bone tissue transplantation for further implantation; Implantation; surgical removal of granuloma and dental cysts; A root teeth resection; Abscess opening; Tooth extraction; Extraction of atypically located teeth;


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